Proper Cabinet Care

Karman products are constructed using the same quality hardwoods and furniture finishes that go into other fine home furnishings. Proper and reasonable care of Karman cabinetry will result in a product that will beautify your surroundings for many years. While our finish is moisture resistant, it is not moisture proof. The following are some suggestions to remember regarding the care and maintenance of your Karman cabinetry.


Cabinet Care

Cleaning and Maintaining Real Wood Products

Never use a dishcloth from the sink to clean or dry the cabinets. The dishcloth may contain residue of grease, bleach, ammonia, oils, vinegars and other chemicals of food residue that will contaminate the finish. The conversion varnish finish on the hardwoods and veneers may be cleaned with mild soap and water, then wiped dry. To remove stubborn stains use a mild non-abrasive household cleaner mixed with water. Care must be taken with appliances that generate heat and steam. Counter top grills, toasters, toaster ovens, coffee makers, and tea kettles may produce excessive heat and steam. Do not place them beneath wall cabinets where excessive heat and humidity is directed to the cabinet surfaces, or potential heat damage may occur. Use of deep-fryers below wall cabinets can cause oil to impregnate the wood or laminate and harm the finish and/or change the color. Wipe up spills immediately. Remove liquid and grease spills around the sink, dishwasher, and stove before they are allowed to penetrate and break the surface finish. Cloths moistened with cleaning products or damp towels should not be draped over cabinet doors. Do not use ammonia cleaners, powdered cleansers or scouring pads on wood surfaces. Clean occasionally with a soft, clean cloth moistened with water (add a mild dishwashing liquid to remove heavy or sticky substances); wipe again with a soft, clean cloth moistened with water only (if detergent has been used), and dry with a soft, clean dry cloth. Lemon oil and non-silicone spray polishes may be used as desired after cleaning but are not necessary.

Cleaning and Maintaining Laminate Surfaces

Laminate surfaces may be cleaned with mild soap and water, then wiped dry. To remove stubborn stains, a mild non-abrasive household cleanser may be used. Excessive moisture may cause staining, bubbling and delaminating. Polish, oil and grease may cause discoloring and damage to a laminated surface.